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Concerned about your home and savings from being taken by the nursing home or State to pay for nursing home costs? Consider a Personal Care Agreement.

What is a Personal Care Agreement? A Personal Care Agreement is a contract, typically between an elderly parent and a family member, the care provider, to provide supervision and care services to enable the Senior to continue to live in his or her own home for as long as possible rather than being placed in a nursing home, and to fairly compensate the care-provider for such services.

The purpose of a Personal Care Agreement is to enable the elderly person to safely transfer assets, in a legally compliant way, so that instead of a “gift” of assets there is “an exchange” of consideration for fair value. The Senior receives supervision and care services and, in exchange, provides the care-giver with reasonable compensation in the form of equity in the house or payment of money or both.

Key additional benefits to this type of asset protection planning for elderly Seniors are that the planning process provides the Senior with an opportunity to: 1) obtain valuable legal guidance from an experienced elder law attorney and make informed decisions; and 2) if they wish, to bring the children into the planning process and have some input. This approach provides transparency and helps to avoid misunderstanding and family conflict.

Fear of Impoverishment. One of the greatest fears of Seniors is that they will run out of money. Adult children who care about their elderly parents share this concern and often remind their parents to get their legal affairs in order and find out their legal options to protect their home and savings in case they should need to go into a nursing home.

Loss of Inheritance. For some parents, the concern is being unable to leave anything to their children and, for some children, the concern is that they might lose their inheritance and want to know how to protect assets.

Cost of Nursing Home Care. Seniors, and in particularly elderly individuals in need of long-term nursing home care, face monthly nursing home costs and related pharmaceutical and medical supplies costs averaging well over $10,000 a month in Maryland in 2018. Most people cannot afford to pay out this kind of money for long.

Eligibility for Medicaid. Strict rules must be met for before an elderly person who applies for Medicaid to pay for their nursing home costs can become eligible for Medicaid long term care benefits. One must be medically and financially needy. This means, for many, that a significant portion of their assets need to be spent down before becoming eligible for Medicaid benefits.

What if you intend never to go into a nursing home? The reality is that more than one out of two Seniors end up in a nursing home for some period prior to their death. Although most Seniors will do whatever they can to live out their lives at home, and while many children state they will never place their elderly parent in a nursing home, sometimes one has to have the skilled nursing care that only a nursing home can provide.

Asset protection planning is a form of insurance. Do you really want to take the risk that your home and all your assets will be at risk of being applied to pay the nursing home or reimburse the State for your cost of care if you are wrong and do need to spend time in a nursing home?

A comprehensive Elder Law rights & options consultation can really open your eyes and help you to think about things you never you knew needed to be considered. Caring legal guidance from a local Maryland Elder Law lawyer, like Rob Goldman, who has over 30 years of experience, can really help you make an informed decision.

A Personal Care Agreement can be highly effective asset protection strategy that benefits the elderly parents and the care-providing children in a legal, socially responsible way without harm to anyone.

Anything worth protecting is worth investing in sound legal advice and documents you can count on. It doesn’t matter that you are dealing with family or close friends. This is about your financial security and to protect those you most care about. People can forget what was discussed. Expectations may differ. Misunderstanding often occurs. Circumstances change. Motivations change. If you want the protection of the law, agreements involving the transfer of money or property need to be in writing and clearly drafted in order to be enforceable. For example, see Matter of Krajewski v. Zucker (N.Y. Sup. Ct., App. Div. 3d Dept., No 522888, Dec 8, 21016.  In this case, the court imposed a Medicaid penalty because their was no clear written agreement to prove that the transfers were made for a legitimate estate planning purpose). Poorly written contracts may not protect you.

Financial Abuse of the elderly is a growing problem. By consulting with a compassionate elder law attorney, you will know you have a lawyer who takes the time to get to know your concerns and needs. Many elderly parents depend on a family member stepping up and taking them to see a lawyer to get their affairs in order and address concerns about potential financial abuse. This is an important part of protecting your economic security because you will have someone you can trust to turn to for the legal guidance you need.

Missed Opportunities to Protect Home and Other Assets. Many Seniors squander opportunities to protect their home and savings by listening to what nursing home representatives, or family or friends tell them instead of seeking competent legal advice from an experienced local Maryland Elder Law attorney. Nursing home representatives protect the nursing home’s interests, not yours. Asset protection planning in the context of Medicaid is highly time-sensitive.

Delay can be costly. If you anticipate a possible need for nursing home care in the foreseeable future, the smart thing to do is find out what you need to know so you can make informed decisions and implement asset protection plans while there is enough time for the plan to work for you. Too many folk wait until it is too late to protect anything. Call Rob Goldman Legal Solutions today to schedule a comprehensive Elder Law rights & options consultation at a law office near you, or if needed, to schedule a home, hospital or nursing home visit. You’ll be glad you did!

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By Rob Goldman, Rob Goldman Legal Solutions, Maryland Guardianship Lawyer

Things You Should Know When Ready to Choose a Guardianship Lawyer

The Parties

The Petitioner is the person who files the Petition asking to be appointed legal guardian. Who has priority to be appointed guardian? The top 4 priorities are:

  1. The person properly designated by the disabled person
  2. The healthcare agent
  3. The spouse
  4. A parent.

That said, the court retains the right to appoint someone the court deems most appropriate in certain circumstances, such as where there are issues relating to financial abuse and family fighting or disagreement. Consult with an experienced guardianship attorney to minimize the risk of avoiding problems and unpleasant surprises.

The Petitioner’s lawyer represents only the Petitioner. After evaluating and verifying all the relevant information, the lawyer prepares the Petition for Guardianship stating the required facts to support the case, files the Petition, and coordinates service of process.

The Court-Appointed Counsel is the attorney the court appoints to represent the interests of the alleged disabled person and report to the court with recommendations.

Guardian of the Person

This is the person appointed by the court with authority to:

  • obtain medical information
  • make decisions regarding the disabled person’s healthcare, treatment, and residence, and
  • decide who may be in contact with the disabled person

Guardian of the Property

This is the person appointed by the court to act on behalf of the disabled person to manage his or her financial affairs, pay bills, transfer property, make all decisions and sign documents.  One does not become personally liable for the disabled person’s debt by becoming guardian. However, there may be civil and criminal liability for wrongdoing, neglect and mistakes.  This should not be a problem for anyone who wants to become guardian for the right reasons and gets the legal guidance they need from an experienced guardianship lawyer.

Typically, the Petitioner requests appointment as guardian of the person and the property.

Posting Bond.  The Court requires a security bond be posted to protect the guardianship estate against theft or loss of funds, and has the discretion to waive bond.  Persons with a criminal record relating to honesty, or bad credit, will not qualify for a bond.

Before the Hearing.  Interested persons are served with copies of the Guardianship Petition. Court appointed counsel meets with the disabled person and contacts the interested persons, physicians etc to obtain their input, and may request an accounting.

At the Hearing. An uncontested guardianship hearing typically is brief. The disabled person is not required to attend. The Petitioner may be required to testify. The judge issues an Order Appointing Guardian at the hearing.

After the Hearing. The new Guardian has to attend one class to learn about the responsibilities of a legal guardian.  The first Annual Fiduciary Report must be filed within 30 days.  The Guardian must open a Guardianship checking account and deposit all funds in that account.  For exceptions, speak with your guardianship attorney.

Responsibilities of Guardian. The Guardian has a fiduciary duty to act in and represent the best interests of the ward.  Funds need to be managed prudently as required by law. A Guardian may not use the ward’s funds or property for personal benefit. An Annual Fiduciary Account must be filed each year providing a full accounting, verified by account statements, paid receipts, etc.

Role of the Guardianship Court.  The Court maintains supervisory authority over the alleged disabled person (the ward) and the guardian to protect the interests of the ward. The Court may order restitution of improperly applied funds and may impose sanctions. The Court may refer matters involving theft of ward’s funds to the State Attorney’s office for criminal prosecution.  No attorney’s fees may be paid by the guardianship estate without prior approval by the Court.

Successor Guardian. If a Guardian is unable to continue to serve for any reason, or is removed for cause by the Court, one may petition the court to appoint a Successor Guardian. Failure to submit the Annual Fiduciary Account or mismanagement of funds of the guardianship estate is cause for removal of the guardian.

Transfer of Guardianship to Another State.  Authorization from the current guardianship court to transfer, and from the guardianship court of the State to which guardianship is to be transferred, is required before a disabled person, also known as the “ward,”  may be legally transferred. This is done by petition.  If a different person is to serve as guardian, the court must be petitioned to appoint a substitute guardian.

Termination of Guardianship.  Upon the death of the ward, a Petition to Terminate Guardianship must be filed to end the guardianship and authorize the transfer of assets from the guardianship account to the decedent’s estate account.

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What you want to know. Concise, Clear Explanations

Adopted Children.  The general rule is that adopted children, from the time of adoption, lose all rights to inherit from their birth or biological parents. At the same time, adopted children acquire the right to inherit from their adoptive parents. Adoptive parents also have the right to inherit from their adopted children.

Can I inherit from my adoptive parent if I’m estranged? The adopted child has the same inheritance rights as the biological children; – estrangement is not grounds for disqualification.

Can I inherit if I’m left out of my adoptive parent’s Will?  If an adopted child is left out of the Will of an adoptive parent, the adoptive child’s share is determined according to the laws of intestacy. In other words, if the decedent had died without a Will, the adoptive child is entitled to the same share he would have received had the decedent died without a Will. For example: if the Will leaves everything to three biological children and leaves out the adopted child, the adopted child will still be entitled to a ¼ share.

How can I find out what are my inheritance rights?  Local attorney Rob Goldman is one of the best Maryland inheritance lawyers, with over 30 years of practical experience in Wills and probate. He can provide clear explanations of your rights and options and help you enforce your rights in a timely manner.

Step-children do not acquire the right to inherit from their adoptive parents. They continue to have the right to inherit from their birth or biological parents. However, a step-child can inherit if named in the Will, or if the decedent had no surviving blood relatives.

After-born children refer to children who are conceived before but only born after the death of the parent.  The inheritance rights of after-born children are the same as biological children under the laws of intestacy, namely, as if they had been born while the parent was still living.

To review the Maryland statute for more information regarding the inheritance right of adopted and stepchildren, see Estate & Trusts Article, Md Code Ann. Sections 1-205 through 1-208, and 3-107 through 3-110.











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Liability for Inheritance Taxes in Maryland   no comments

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You do not have to pay the Maryland Inheritance Tax if your relationship to the decedent is: spouse, parent, step-parent, grandparent, child (biological, adopted or step), grandchild or any lineal descendant, i.e. any descendant in the direct line, stepparent or stepchild, brother or sister, or a corporation if all stockholders consist of only the above persons.

You do have to pay the Maryland Inheritance Tax if you inherit property and your relationship to the decedent is: niece, nephew, cousin, aunt, uncle, step-grandchild, friend, any unrelated person, or a non-exempt organization.

Property worth $1,000 or less is exempt from the inheritance tax, and so is property administered under a Small Estate.  The above applies to deaths from July 1, 2000 onward.  There is no difference in the inheritance tax whether the decedent died with or without a Will.  Bequests to recognized charitable organizations are not subject to the Maryland Inheritance Tax.

All property that passes upon death  is subject to the Maryland Inheritance Tax unless there  is a specific legal exemption, including, among others, jointly titled property, joint tenancy interests,  life estate interests, material transfers of one’s property within two years of death and transfers made in contemplation of death, and retained life estates and other retained interests, such as in revocable and irrevocable trusts.

Spouses, including disinherited spouses have special inheritance rights, whether or not the decedent made a Will. Rather than assume something and lose out, schedule a Rights & Options consultation with a Wills and Estates lawyer.



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Legal Counseling & Strategic Planning: – Look before you leap!

•  Get a professional review of your concerns and goals
•  Assess the strengths and weakness of your position
•  Negotiating with a spouse, or anyone, can be daunting
• We figure out a strategic game plan and build confidence
• How well do you know the person you are thinking of doing or going into business with?
• We ask the right questions to help you make sure
• “I didn’t know what I was signing” is no excuse! See a lawyer first!
• If you think you’ve made a mistake or being misled, get legal advice promptly!

• Explore sensible, practical options so you can make informed decisions

Second Opinions

Caring, objective guidance from an experienced neutral lawyer may reduce risks and costs and give you Peace of Mind!

• We review and explain contracts & legal documents
• We offer communication and negotiation counseling
• We provide an objective, realistic assessment
• Perhaps there is another way
• Opinions based on clear facts, understanding of the
applicable law, and sound analysis are more likely to
be correct and persuasive
• In most court cases, one lawyer loses. Think about it.

No Conflict of Interest

• This is a consulting business. We don’t take over cases.
• We offer objective advice based on experience
• We enable you to communicate more effectively with your lawyer

Why People Really Need This Service

■ Litigation typically costs tens of thousands of dollars
■ Litigation is frequently used as an intimidation and control technique
■ “Discovery” is a frequently abused aspect of the litigation process
■ Lawyers have little incentive to narrow the scope of the litigation, be creative, work collaboratively, or reduce costs
■ Lawyers can use the rules of procedure as a pretext to generate fees
■ The lawyers get paid, win or lose
■ Properly used, discovery can produce the information necessary to negotiate a fair settlement and avoid a costly trial

☞ Before leaping into litigation, you and your lawyer should thoroughly discuss your objective, the facts, the strengths and weaknesses of your case, the cost-benefits of litigation, and alternative strategies; – or you can simply trust your lawyer to take care of everything and start writing retainer checks.

===> CALL OR CONTACT US TODAY! Use our Contact Form or Call During Business Hours. 

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The Truth in Lending Act was passed to help consumers “avoid the uninformed use of credit, and to protect the consumer against inaccurate and unfair credit billing.” See 15 U.S.C. Section 1601(a). This section of the Act states the three (3) day right to rescind a loan transaction. Consumers are given the right to rescind a loan agreement or transaction until the later of midnight of the third day following the consummation of the transaction or the delivery to the consumer of the required disclosures. Rescission can be made simply by notifying the creditor of such decision in writing. If the creditor failed to make accurate disclosures as required by the Truth in Lending Act, the consumer’s three day right of rescission can be extended for up to three years!

This three day right to rescind and extension of the right of rescission for up to three years was reviewed by the Supreme Court in Larry D. Jesinoski, et ux, Petitioners v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., et al No. 13-384 (January 13, 2015). The Court found that the consumer’s notice was properly provided in a timely manner and rejected Countrywide’s contention that, if the lender disputed the the claim of inadequate disclosure, written notice is not enough.

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Time to get your Will and Estate Planning affairs in order? – A Will, Power of Attorney and other estate planning is essential to protect your assets and your loved ones. If you need an experienced estate planning attorney in Dundalk, Bel Air, Towson, Owings Mills, or Baltimore, ROB GOLDMAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS can provide you with sensible solutions at an affordable price and bring you “Peace of Mind.”

Typical basic documents include a Will, Durable General/Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, and a Living Will. If you want to decide who should have access to your medical and financial information, inherit your property, manage your affairs and make decisions for you when you’re not able to, you need these documents. A review of Rob Goldman’s Preliminary Estate Planning Questionnaire will help you decide.

Caring for an aging parent?  Financial or relationship challenges weighing you down? Rob Goldman, an experienced local lawyer serving Baltimore and Harford County, can help you explore creative yet sensible solutions.

Planning for disability, asset protection and Mediciad eligibility for nursing home care costs typically are more effective and beneficial when one has more time to prepare and take advantage of planning opportunities.

Concerned about elder abuse, which may include financial abuse and exploitation, and physical abuse, which may be in the form of physical abuse, mental abuse, neglect or all of these?  Don’t delay, – get legal advice immediately, implement appropriate safeguards, and begin appropriate legal proceedings.

Do you want to choose who will be the guardians of your minor chidren and manage their trust funds if you should die prematurely?  A basic Will is not enough.  You will need some form or trust customized to your specific needs and concerns, which can be determined through a comprehensive “Rights & Options” estate planning consultation.

Wish to avoid probate?  Why?  Make sure you understands the planning pros and cons of avoiding probate.  In most cases, avoiding probate is a good idea, but not always.  If you wish to reduce probate expenses and protect property from the claims of creditors, you need to plan to achieve this, – see our article: Risks to Consider in Trying to Avoid Probate. We specialize in probating estates as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, it is wise also to make a deed change for your real property.

Deed changes are best done by an estate planning lawyer rather than a real estate lawyer because you are not simply adding or changing a name, – you are making a decision regarding how and to whom that property will be controlled during your lifetime and distributed after your death, and there may be other possible legal consequences you may not be aware of. For more information, please review our article titled: “10 Reasons For a Deed Change

As a practical matter, most legal issues that impact your finances and property one way or another should be considered in the context of estate planning and asset protection. Our articles and FAQs in our other practice areas may also be helpful in this regard. Please visit our Learning Center for additional information.

Advance planning is also about consideration and respect. The people that love and care about you should not, in a time of crisis, have to struggle to obtain access to your information, worry about running to lawyers or the courts to obtain the legal authority they need to help you. Estate planning is the way for you to think through what you want, authorize the people you feel most comfortable with to act on your behalf when you are not able to, and experience the Peace of Mind of knowing that you’ve taken care of some very important business. Advance planning can also eliminate squabbling among those who want to help.

Protecting one’s assets and providing for loved ones requires planning and understanding of how the law works. Important planning considerations include:

  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Powers-of-Attorney
  • Guardianship
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Deed Changes
  • Estate tax avoidance or reduction
  • Estate Administration
  • Family Trusts to care for minors & dependant adults
  • Orderly administration & distribution of assets
  • Alternatives to long-term nursing home care
  • Long-term care eligibility
  • Protecting the community spouse
  • Avoiding personal liability under nursing home contracts
  • Protecting assets & income against nursing home costs

Guardianship Services – Rob Goldman is a guardianship lawyer providing services in the Dundalk, Essex, White Marsh, Parkton, Bel Air, Baltimore, Canton, Pikesville & Owings Mills areas. Services include exploring alternatives to guardianship, mediation among family members to reach consensus as to a care plan approach, contested guardianships and Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and asset protection planning in case one needs long-term care in a nursing home and cannot afford to private pay.

Probate Services – Rob Goldman is a probate lawyer providing services in the Dundalk, Essex, White Marsh, Parkton, Bel Air, Baltimore, Canton, Towson & Owings Mills areas. Services include planning to probate avoidance, disclaimers of inheritance, liquidation of estate assets, rights & options counseling, handling the estate administration, communicating with disgruntled heirs, contested Will cases, Caveats to Will, real estate transactions such as deed changes, and related services.

Our Elder Law Page provides additional helpful information, particularly with regard to the needs of senior citizens.

Contact us now to inquire about our estate planning services.

Contact Baltimore, Maryland Estate Planning Attorney

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Marriage in trouble? Considering a Separation Agreement or Divorce? Stressed, depressed, don’t know what to do? Need legal advice to know your “Rights & Options?”  Whether you want to try to save the marriage or feel it is time to move on, your local Bel Air and Dundalk lawyer, Rob Goldman, can share his 27 years of creative problem solving experience to help you choose and implement the most effective approach.

Whatever you discuss with your lawyer is confidential.  If you want meaningful legal advice, you need to be open and honest with your attorney and not withhold material information.

I understand strained marriages often include money problems and mounting debt, and try to make our services as affordable as possible. We accept credit and debit card payments and work with you on payments.

Broken marriages bring tough times, emotionally and financially to spouses and the children. How are you going to move on? Are you going to be bitter and resentful, spiteful, or  seek revenge, or are you going to focus on what is best for you and your children and take positive steps to establish a peaceful, nurturing home?  Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to, someone to help you get past the anger and the hurt and focus on what is best for you and the children.  Don’t allow the hurt, the fear, the controlling behavior or threats of a spouse keep you locked up in a world of misery.

Unless you do something, nothing is likely to change.  Invest in a brighter future by taking the first step and making an appointment for a comprehensive “Rights & Options” consultation.  Empower yourself by obtaining the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions that will put you on the path to “Peace of Mind!”

Take the first step now and schedule a comprehensive “Rights & Options” consultation with a lawyer who cares. Rob Goldman is a local attorney with 27 years of experience, – someone you can lean on for sound, practical guidance. You can click on the Appointment Scheduler tab on the top of this page to make an appointment online, or use the Contact Us button below. “Peace of Mind” is just a phone-call or click away!

Rob Goldman, a trained domestic mediator, has been providing caring legal services to clients who live or work in Baltimore, Towson, Dundalk,  Parkville, Bel Air, Havre De Grace or North East, Maryland.  ROB GOLDMAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS is the law firm citizens of Harford and Baltimore County turn to dependable, affordable advice and Peace of Mind.


Decided it is time to move on? For helpful information on how to prepare yourself to move towards divorce please review our article on Divorce Preparation.

Our Family Law practice consists of pre-marriage planning such as preparing effective Pre-nuptial Agreements, Marital Separation & Property Settlement Agreements, strategic planning to facilitate effective negotiation with your spouse and reduce the risk of litigation and court, and assisting clients with Uncontested Divorces. We represent our clients at the Master’s Hearing in uncontested divorce cases, but do not represent clients in contested cases. The best way to minimize the risk of a case from becoming contested is to seek legal guidance early rather than ignore the problem or wait and react to what your spouse does. Please visit our Learning Center for additional helpful information.

Rob Goldman Legal Solutions can help you to bridge the communication gap in an objective, low-key environment that facilitates problem-solving and reduces confrontation.

A trained domestic mediator whose goal is to assist clients to move on with Peace of Mind, Rob Goldman and only takes clients who are willing to commit to make a good faith effort to reach a fair and sensible solution.

Our services include:

  • mediation
  • uncontested divorces
  • rights & options counseling
  • separation & property settlement agreements
  • separation & divorce strategic counseling
  • planning for post-death care & guardianship of minor children
  • name changes
  • Will and deed changes
  • pre-nuptial agreement

Contact us now to inquire about your divorce and separation rights and options.

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Unable to pay your bills? Worried about losing your home or car? Wages being garnished? Car repossessed? Are you feeling stressed, depressed, don’t know where to start? Consider debt relief through bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer serving Dundalk, Bel Air, Towson and Baltimore, ROB GOLDMAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS is the law firm Marylanders turn to for fast action, sensible advice and Peace of Mind. Fast and affordable bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 services.

Whatever your needs, Rob Goldman can work with you! Not sure if bankruptcy is right for you? If you do not qualify for bankruptcy relief, we will refund your consultation fee.   We accept payment plans for non-rush cases. Creative counseling and affordable prices designed to help you make a fresh start. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!

Please Note: We have discontinued giving free intitial consultations because too many people make appointments for a free consultation and still don’t bother to show up or cancel. This lack of respect wastes our time and opportunity to serve others.  If you are serious about getting quality bankruptcy guidance and service, pay a fair fee and get a thorough evaluation of your rights and options.  If you are looking for “free,” call someone else.

In evaluating your case, we consider the viability of credit counseling, debt work-outs and other options.  Please understand that to offer you the lowest possible price, we need you to help us work efficiently.  Please be prepared to make an initial payment your first meeting if you decide to sign up so that we can move forward without having to schedule another meeting.

Lawyer Fees for Chapter 7 cases range from $775 depending on what is involved. The majority of Chapter 7 cases are relatively simple, although there may be very important planning considerations involved.  Each case is assessed independently to ensure you get the guidance and benefits you need to address your concerns and enable you to make a fresh start with Peace of Mind.

I understand you are reading this because times are tough and you need affordable help. I will do my best to help you, provided you understand that caring, quality service takes a little longer because we want to be sure nothing important is overlooked and you get all the bankruptcy relief to which you are entitled.  If you are facing problems over and above a very basic filing, you should be willing to pay a little more, if needed, to enable us to address them quickly and cost-effectively.  I bring you 28 years of experience and pride myself on ensuring that your hearing goes smoothly.  If your goal is to find the cheapest lawyer in town, please don’t contact us.

We offer the following bankruptcy services:

1.  Thorough, customized “Rights & Options” consultation. Not ready to file for bankruptcy relief yet? Is your time too valuable to chase down the cheapest bankruptcy lawyer in town? Want a thorough professional review of your personal situation, needs and concerns? Invest in Rob Goldman Legal Solutions’ comprehensive Rights & Options consultation. – You’ll be glad you did! The consultation fee will be credited to your bankruptcy if you retain us within the next 30 days.

2.  All-Inclusive* 4-4-4 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fee Package.   For simple cases, I offer an all-inclusive price of $1200, which may be paid in three installments of $400 each.  This includes a personal Rights & Options consultation, the attorney fee, the petition filing fee, the online credit counseling fee and the cost of copies and mailing. The first payment must be made at the first meeting if you decide to proceed.  This special price is for debtors who basically don’t own anything, live pay-check to pay-check, and basically need to wipe out their debt and make a fresh start. * If you have real estate, tax, wage garnishments and/or other problems, there may be a modest additional fee to address these issues.

3.  Premium Bankruptcy Evaluation and Strategic Planning Package.  Filing bankruptcy is a big decision.  There can be significant consequences.  This is your passport to getting effective debt relief, making a fresh start, rehabilitating your credit, and avoiding the need to file again in the future.  If you have real concerns and you want answers you can depend on, do you really want to rely on the services of the cheapest lawyer in town, who want to get you in and out as quickly as possible?  Aren’t you worth investing a little more in yourself to have an experienced, caring professional ask the right questions, get to know and understand your situation, and help you to make the best decision for you?  We know there is a lot more to filing bankruptcy than filling out a form.  If you want the “Peace of Mind” of doing this right, contact Rob Goldman Legal Solutions today. We’ll be glad to help!  We only accept clients who appreciate excellence and are willing to pay a fair and reasonable fee for our premium services.

4.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?  Essentially, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan through the court. It is designed to give you breathing room and a more affordable opportunity to get caught up on your mortgage, auto, tax and other bills.  Second or third mortgages that have become wholly unsecured can be wiped out.  Certain secured debt payments can be modified.  For instance, you may be able to lower and extend certain monthly payments and wipe out unsecured debt.  If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief because you have too much income or too much equity in your assets, or if you filed and obtained a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge in the past 8 years or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy discharge in the past 4 years, Chapter 13 may be the way to go.

Even if you are not eligible for a discharge of your debt, you still may be eligible for a manageable payment plan through Chapter 13.  Contact us to find out how. Chapter 13 can provide substantial benefits, so obtain a thorough “Rights & Options” consultation as soon as possible to enable you to make an informed decision.

A payment plan is possible: – we can accept payment of a portion of our fee through your Chapter 13 Plan so that you don’t have to come up with the entire fee before you file.  We understand funds are tight and can guide you regarding affordable, sensible options to pay for your bankruptcy.

Creative planning options are greater if you don’t wait until the last minute!

File-It-Yourself Bankruptcy. Want to try file bankruptcy on your own and just need a little help understanding the process, what you need to provide to the court, where to get what you need and so forth? Combine Rob Goldman Legal Solutions’ comprehensive Rights & Options consultation and a self-help package to help you decide and move forward.

Taking time off work or transportation a challenge? No worries! We can schedule telephone consultations, communicate by email, give your access to your own secure client portal to monitor the progress of your case, send us messages and review your Petition. Save time and money! Contact us right now! Simply click on our Appointment Scheduler tab at the top of this page and you’ll be on the road to Peace of Mind!

Want to Save Your Home or Car? Need time to get caught up on your mortgage, taxes or student loans? Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to meet these needs, – and can provide substantial benefits to folk who don’t qualify for Chapter 7 relief but really need debt relief. Schedule your “Rights & Options” consultation today and learn how.

You can make the most of your consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer if you come prepared. To learn how best to prepare for your bankruptcy consultation, please read this article: Bankruptcy Preparation.

If you want to know how to address problems with your credit report or repair your credit, please read this article: Credit Report Error Disputes.

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Written by RobG on May 19th, 2014

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If you need a guardianship attorney in Dundalk, Bel Air, Owings Mills or Downtown Baltimore, ROB GOLDMAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS is the law firm Marylanders turn to for calm, sensible advice and Peace of Mind.

When Is Guardianship Appropriate? Simply put, if an individual is no longer able to manage his or her affairs without assistance, or needs assistance with two or more activities of daily living, guardianship should be considered. A court requires clear and convincing evidence of incompetency before issuing a guardianship order, and may order guardianship of the person, the property or (typically) both.

A guardianship order may not be necessary if the person appointed an attorney-in-fact to handle financial, business, and healthcare decisions. However, many powers-of-attorney are not designed to meet the legal and practical needs of seniors, or the senior may not be willing to accept that the time has come to allow the appointed attorney-in-fact to act on his or her behalf. Many seniors fail to get around to taking care of their estate planning needs and by the time a an adult child tries to step in to help have this done, lack of mental capacity may preclude the senior from signing a power-of-attorney or making a Will. Since an attorney-in-fact is an agent of the senior, the senior always has the right to terminate the agency relationship, unless no longer legally competent, – a decision typically to be made by a court.

Cognitive impairment usually occurs gradually and one has to be alert to changes in behavior. For instance, a decline in the person’s attention span, ability to consider issues, memory, use of language, mathematical ability, and ability to follow directions are some of the key indicators of a decline in mental capacity. Other indications may include weight loss and problems with walking, falling, and incontinence. It is also important to consider the effect of medication, pain, stress, depression, and poor nutrition in evaluating whether the person is indeed suffering from cognitive impairment.

The senior should be examined by a physician that specializes in geriatrics to assess physical and mental well-being. Sometimes, a psychologist or psychiatrist’s evaluation may be needed. In cases where the senior is cooperative and no family dissension is anticipated, an elder law attorney’s assessment that the senior has adequate mental capacity may be sufficient for the senior to proceed with signing legal documents. The closer the call the more likely it is that the attorney will require a medical examination and mental assessment to move forward.

Mental incapacity is not the only basis for obtaining a guardianship order. A senior may pass a mental capacity assessment yet not be able to make rational decisions regarding his or her well-being. Conduct that substantiates concerns that the senior’s health, safety and welfare may be at risk, particularly when the person is frail or has other physical problems and is unable to manage his or her affairs without assistance, may satisfy a court that guardianship appropriate in a particular case.

Everyone, especially individuals over the age of fifty, should have their basic estate planning documents in place. Seniors and those who love them who have a concern regarding planning for disability, quality of life planning, maintaining one’s independence for as long as possible, asset protection planning, planning for the possibility of assisted living and long-term nursing home care, and financial assistance from Medicaid, should invest in a comprehensive consultation to obtain a professional legal evaluation and explanation of one’s rights and options.

Financial abuse of seniors and physical abuse of the frail elderly is a growing problem. If you see warning signs, get legal guidance promptly. One the greatest reasons elder abuse occurs and gets worse is that family members want to avoid conflict, don’t want to get involved, or just don’t pay attention. Nip this behavior in the bus by acting fast!

If you’d like to learn more about guardianship law, please check out our Guardianship Frequently Asked Questions page.

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