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Time to get your Will and Estate Planning affairs in order? – A Will, Power of Attorney and other estate planning is essential to protect your assets and your loved ones. If you need an experienced estate planning attorney in Dundalk, Bel Air, Towson, Owings Mills, or Baltimore, ROB GOLDMAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS can provide you with sensible solutions at an affordable price and bring you “Peace of Mind.”

Typical basic documents include a Will, Durable General/Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, and a Living Will. If you want to decide who should have access to your medical and financial information, inherit your property, manage your affairs and make decisions for you when you’re not able to, you need these documents. A review of Rob Goldman’s Preliminary Estate Planning Questionnaire will help you decide.

Caring for an aging parent?  Financial or relationship challenges weighing you down? Rob Goldman, an experienced local lawyer serving Baltimore and Harford County, can help you explore creative yet sensible solutions.

Planning for disability, asset protection and Mediciad eligibility for nursing home care costs typically are more effective and beneficial when one has more time to prepare and take advantage of planning opportunities.

Concerned about elder abuse, which may include financial abuse and exploitation, and physical abuse, which may be in the form of physical abuse, mental abuse, neglect or all of these?  Don’t delay, – get legal advice immediately, implement appropriate safeguards, and begin appropriate legal proceedings.

Do you want to choose who will be the guardians of your minor chidren and manage their trust funds if you should die prematurely?  A basic Will is not enough.  You will need some form or trust customized to your specific needs and concerns, which can be determined through a comprehensive “Rights & Options” estate planning consultation.

Wish to avoid probate?  Why?  Make sure you understands the planning pros and cons of avoiding probate.  In most cases, avoiding probate is a good idea, but not always.  If you wish to reduce probate expenses and protect property from the claims of creditors, you need to plan to achieve this, – see our article: Risks to Consider in Trying to Avoid Probate. We specialize in probating estates as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, it is wise also to make a deed change for your real property.

Deed changes are best done by an estate planning lawyer rather than a real estate lawyer because you are not simply adding or changing a name, – you are making a decision regarding how and to whom that property will be controlled during your lifetime and distributed after your death, and there may be other possible legal consequences you may not be aware of. For more information, please review our article titled: “10 Reasons For a Deed Change

As a practical matter, most legal issues that impact your finances and property one way or another should be considered in the context of estate planning and asset protection. Our articles and FAQs in our other practice areas may also be helpful in this regard. Please visit our Learning Center for additional information.

Advance planning is also about consideration and respect. The people that love and care about you should not, in a time of crisis, have to struggle to obtain access to your information, worry about running to lawyers or the courts to obtain the legal authority they need to help you. Estate planning is the way for you to think through what you want, authorize the people you feel most comfortable with to act on your behalf when you are not able to, and experience the Peace of Mind of knowing that you’ve taken care of some very important business. Advance planning can also eliminate squabbling among those who want to help.

Protecting one’s assets and providing for loved ones requires planning and understanding of how the law works. Important planning considerations include:

  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Powers-of-Attorney
  • Guardianship
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Deed Changes
  • Estate tax avoidance or reduction
  • Estate Administration
  • Family Trusts to care for minors & dependant adults
  • Orderly administration & distribution of assets
  • Alternatives to long-term nursing home care
  • Long-term care eligibility
  • Protecting the community spouse
  • Avoiding personal liability under nursing home contracts
  • Protecting assets & income against nursing home costs

Guardianship Services – Rob Goldman is a guardianship lawyer providing services in the Dundalk, Essex, White Marsh, Parkton, Bel Air, Baltimore, Canton, Pikesville & Owings Mills areas. Services include exploring alternatives to guardianship, mediation among family members to reach consensus as to a care plan approach, contested guardianships and Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and asset protection planning in case one needs long-term care in a nursing home and cannot afford to private pay.

Probate Services – Rob Goldman is a probate lawyer providing services in the Dundalk, Essex, White Marsh, Parkton, Bel Air, Baltimore, Canton, Towson & Owings Mills areas. Services include planning to probate avoidance, disclaimers of inheritance, liquidation of estate assets, rights & options counseling, handling the estate administration, communicating with disgruntled heirs, contested Will cases, Caveats to Will, real estate transactions such as deed changes, and related services.

Our Elder Law Page provides additional helpful information, particularly with regard to the needs of senior citizens.

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