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Looking for legal advice from the best bankruptcy lawyer with offices near you? Rob Goldman is the“go to” Bel Air and Baltimore area bankruptcy attorney you can depend on for practical legal guidance based on over 34 years of experience. Don’t wait until the last minute, Peace of Mind is just a click or a phone-call away. Click on our Contact Form to connect with us now, or call us at 410-288-4060 for friendly service. You’ll be glad you did!

Want to know whether you can keep your home and car if you file bankruptcy? How do you stop a garnishment or creditor harassment? A thorough bankruptcy rights and options consultation is the best way to get the answers and legal guidance you need to make informed decisions.

Why is a bankruptcy consultation necessary? Every person’s situation has its own underlying facts and circumstances. Simple answers to simple questions may not consider essential factors that may affect your case. A knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer will ask the right questions and provide guidance you can trust.

We file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petitions to wipe out unsecured debt, stop creditors from taking legal action and garnishing your paycheck or attaching your assets, so you can make a fresh start.

We file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petitions to enable you to catch up on mortgage and car payments, have more time to pay your overdue taxes, and to have more manageable payments to creditors for credit card, hospital and other medical bills and debt, or if you earn too much to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.

Are you serious about taking care of your financial nightmare? Okay, here’s the deal: 

Experience & Integrity Matters.  I have 30 years of bankruptcy law experience.  The bankruptcy trustees and judges know the quality of my work. I’m prepared for my hearings and make sure you are prepared too! My paperwork is really good, and I know what to say and what not to say.  I care about my clients and offer a money-back guarantee.  – And payment plans.  I accept debit cards.  I look for creative, practical solutions for you. What more do you want?

Cost of Filing Bankruptcy.  Times are tough. I understand you need affordable help. My prices for filing bankruptcy are fair and reasonable and competitive with other bankruptcy lawyers with similar experience. I do not try to compete with the cheapest guy in town and don’t practice that way. Experience, caring and taking the time to listen, is worth paying a little more for.  Can you afford not to do it right?  

Filing Bankruptcy is More Than Addressing an Immediate Problem.  You cannot wipe out your debt in bankruptcy more often than every eight (8) years.  Do you really want to continue to struggle with debt and make the same mistakes after your bankruptcy? Our goal, as a bankruptcy law lawyer and counselor, is to look at the big picture, the underlying issues, help you address your money management problems, and pursue the approach that is best for you. We do the job right so you can truly make a fresh start with Peace of Mind!

Don’t overthink this. The purpose of a comprehensive bankruptcy “Rights and Options” consultation is for you to get the benefit of an experienced bankruptcy attorney with offices near you to help you understand whether debt consolidation or other options are right for you.  Filing bankruptcy is an important decision.  Get the bankruptcy advice you really need for peace of mind. If you need, please visit our Learning Center to review Frequently Asked Questions, Bankruptcy FAQ, Chapter 7 Basics, Chapter 13 Basics, and other informative information.

NOTE: We have discontinued giving free initial consultations because too many people make appointments for a free consultation and still don’t bother to show up or cancel. This lack of respect wastes our time and opportunity to serve others.  If you are serious about getting quality bankruptcy guidance and service, pay a fair fee and get a thorough evaluation of your rights and options.  If you go forward and retain our services, the consultation fee will be credited to the total fee.  If you do not qualify for bankruptcy relief, we will refund your consultation fee. If you are looking for “free,” call someone else.

How to Prepare for Your Bankruptcy Consultation.  You can make the most of your consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer if you come prepared. To learn how best to prepare for your bankruptcy consultation, please read this article: Bankruptcy Preparation.

We offer the following bankruptcy services:

1.  Thorough, customized “Rights & Options” consultation. Not ready to file for bankruptcy relief yet? Is your time too valuable to chase down the cheapest bankruptcy lawyer in town? Want a thorough professional review of your personal situation, needs and concerns? Invest in Rob Goldman Legal Solutions’ comprehensive Rights & Options consultation. – You’ll be glad you did! The consultation fee will be credited to your bankruptcy if you retain us within the next 30 days.

2.  Basic 4-4-4 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fee Package.   For simple cases, I offer a flat fee of $1200, which may be paid in three installments of $400 each.  This includes a personal Rights & Options consultation, preparation of your petition, the due diligence required by the court, filing your case, communicating with your creditors, representing you at your bankruptcy hearing and coordinating your discharge.  The filing fee and out-of-pocket expenses are additional and will be due when your case is ready for your review.   The first payment must be made at the first meeting if you decide to proceed.  This special price is for debtors who basically don’t own anything, live pay-check to pay-check, and basically need to wipe out their debt and make a fresh start. * If you have real estate, tax, wage garnishments and/or other problems that need to be reviewed and addressed, there may be a modest additional fee to address these issues.

3.  Premium Bankruptcy Evaluation and Strategic Planning Package.  Filing bankruptcy is a big decision.  There can be significant consequences.  This is your passport to getting effective debt relief, making a fresh start, rehabilitating your credit, and avoiding the need to file again in the future.  If you have real concerns and you want answers you can depend on, do you really want to rely on the services of the cheapest lawyer in town, who want to get you in and out as quickly as possible?  Aren’t you worth investing a little more in yourself to have an experienced, caring professional ask the right questions, get to know and understand your situation, and help you to make the best decision for you?  We know there is a lot more to filing bankruptcy than filling out a form.  If you want the “Peace of Mind” of doing this right, contact Rob Goldman Legal Solutionstoday. We’ll be glad to help!  We only accept clients who appreciate excellence and are willing to pay a fair and reasonable fee for our premium services.

4.  Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?  Essentially, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan through the court. It is designed to give you breathing room and a more affordable opportunity to get caught up on your mortgage, auto, tax and other bills.  Second or third mortgages that have become wholly unsecured can be wiped out.  Certain secured debt payments can be modified.  For instance, you may be able to lower and extend certain monthly payments and wipe out unsecured debt.  If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief because you have too much income or too much equity in your assets, or if you filed and obtained a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge in the past 8 years or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy discharge in the past 4 years, Chapter 13 may be the way to go.

Even if you are not eligible for a discharge of your debt, you still may be eligible for a manageable payment plan through Chapter 13.  Contact us to find out how. Chapter 13 can provide substantial benefits, so obtain a thorough “Rights & Options” consultation as soon as possible to enable you to make an informed decision.

A payment plan is possible: – we can accept payment of a portion of our fee through your Chapter 13 Plan so that you don’t have to come up with the entire fee before you file.  We understand funds are tight and can guide you regarding affordable, sensible options to pay for your bankruptcy.

Creative planning options are greater if you don’t wait until the last minute!

Taking time off work or transportation a challenge? No worries! We can schedule telephone consultations, communicate by email, give your access to your own secure client portal to monitor the progress of your case, send us messages and review your Petition.  Contact us right now and you’ll be on the road to Peace of Mind!

Want to Save Your Home or Car? Need time to get caught up on your mortgage, taxes or student loans? Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to meet these needs, – and can provide substantial benefits to folk who don’t qualify for Chapter 7 relief but really need debt relief. Schedule your “Rights & Options” consultation today and learn how.

If you want to know how to address problems with your credit report or repair your credit, please read this article: Credit Report Error Disputes.

If you have a second or third mortgage that is under-secured or unsecured because the value of your home has plummeted, you should read this article: Using Bankrupty To Wipe Out Second and Third Mortgages and Reduce the Risk of Foreclosure.

We are a federally designated debt relief agency representing people under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

Our Services Include:
Chapter 7 Fresh Starts
Chapter 13 Re-Organizations
Bankruptcy Alternatives (Debt Work-Outs, Consumer Credit Counseling, Refinancing and Home Equity Loan Counseling)