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Posted On : December 4, 2015   By : RobG

■ Legal Counseling & Strategic Planning: – Look before you leap! •  Get a professional review of your concerns and goals •  Assess the strengths and weakness of your position •  Negotiating with a spouse, or anyone, can be daunting • We figure out a strategic game plan and build confidence • How well do you know the person you are thinking of doing or going into business with? • We ask the right questions to help you make sure • “I didn’t know what I was signing” is no excuse! See a lawyer first! • If you think you’ve…

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How Relationship Problems Affect Estate Planning

Posted On : November 15, 2017   By : RobG

The connection between estate planning and how people behave. The law is intended to regulate how people behave to maintain public order and well-being and prevent people from taking the law into their own hands. But people disrespect other people and their rights and property all the time. Some children steal from, neglect and physically abuse their elderly parents. Estate planning is about protecting your loved ones, your property and your Peace of Mind. Estate planning is about managing risk. Unresolved relationship problems are a major risk that can sink your estate plan and lead to financial disaster. Focusing on…

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Liability for Inheritance Taxes in Maryland

Posted On : July 20, 2017   By : RobG

You do not have to pay the Maryland Inheritance Tax if your relationship to the decedent is: spouse, parent, step-parent, grandparent, child (biological, adopted or step), grandchild or any lineal descendant, i.e. any descendant in the direct line, stepparent or stepchild, brother or sister, or a corporation if all stockholders consist of only the above persons. You do have to pay the Maryland Inheritance Tax if you inherit property and your relationship to the decedent is: niece, nephew, cousin, aunt, uncle, step-grandchild, friend, any unrelated person, or a non-exempt organization. Property worth $1,000 or less is exempt from the inheritance tax, and…

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How will filing bankruptcy effect my credit?

Posted On : May 15, 2017   By : RobG

Bankruptcy will help improve your credit if it is already bad. Bankruptcy does not reduce your credit score as much as does being 90 days late on a payment. If you are deep in debt and struggling to pay, your income-to-debt ratio is probably so bad that no-one would extend you credit anyway. If you are planning on buying a home, typically you won’t qualify for at least three years. You don’t have a realistic chance to qualify for a mortgage anyway when you have debt problems. If you already have a house and a car you probably don’t need…

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How much does it cost to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Posted On :   By : RobG

What is the cost of not knowing what you don’t know? Volume bankruptcy lawyers don’t take the time to provide a thorough personalized experience to help you maximize the benefits of filing bankruptcy or to understand how you came to be in financial difficulty and consider other options. You may never know … The out of pocket costs to file bankruptcy are: The filing fee for Chapter 7 is $335 and for Chapter 13 it is $310. There can be minor other costs such as credit counseling and search fees. Why should you pay more than is necessary?  Every case is…

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What is Guardianship?

Posted On : January 15, 2017   By : RobG

What is Guardianship? Guardianship refers to the authority granted to a person by the Court to take care of a disabled person’s person and / or property. If a family member or someone in need is unable to manage his or her affairs due to frailty, long-term illness, disability or mental incompetency, you can petition the court for guardianship. A person is deemed to be competent unless a court has determined otherwise. Before making a decision, the court appoints an attorney to represent the interests of the alleged disabled person, and that attorney provides the court with a written report….

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Does One Need a Lawyer to File For Guardianship?

Posted On :   By : RobG

My focus, as an elder care lawyer, is guardianships for seniors, particularly those in need of guidance from an elderly care lawyer. Decline in mental capacity, dementia, Alzheimer, inability to make rational decisions or perform activities of daily living, neglect, financial and or emotional abuse of an elderly person, unsanitary living conditions, are all key factors in considering whether guardianship for care of an elderly or other person is appropriate. Although there is no legal requirement that one be represented by legal counsel, it is prudent to do so. The process can be involved for someone who does not deal…

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10 Reasons For A Deed Change

Posted On :   By : RobG

Considering a deed change? Consider a life estate deed. Thinking about adding or removing a spouse or child’s name to your deed? Adding a name is often not as simple a matter as you may think. Did you know that the kind of deed you sign can determine whether the real property is protected or not in bankruptcy, whether the house is protected against a Medicaid lien if you should need to reside in a nursing home and rely on Medicaid to pay for nursing home costs, or will keep your property out of probate? There may be other significant estate planning,…

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Long Term Care Planning

Posted On : January 14, 2017   By : RobG

LONG-TERM CARE “CONVERSATION CHECKLIST” FOR FAMILIES AND SENIORS Having a conversation about long-term care with an aging loved one can be difficult. Initiating a conversation can be awkward or uncomfortable for family members or care-givers. Although it is impossible to know what the future will bring, ROB GOLDMAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS, your local Elder Law Firm, offers the following hints and checklist that may help to begin a conversation about housing options and elder care law with your loved one. We are also a resource for relationship counseling to reduce family tension relating to this decision. Our participation early in the…

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Parent Abuse & Sacrifices Parents Make for their Children

Posted On : December 13, 2016   By : RobG

By Rob Goldman, J.D. and Amy Ding, M.D. Many parents frequently make sacrifices for their children. The focus of this article is not the typical sacrifices parents make for their children but rather on the situations where adult children look to their parents, in particular older parents, for financial assistance or try to dump their emotional baggage on their parents. Do parents have an obligation to provide financial and emotional support to their adult children who are experiencing tough times? The short answer is that they do not. Parents who have raised their children have performed their duty and it…

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Elder Law Misconceptions

Posted On : February 28, 2016   By : RobG

Do any of the following situations apply to you? When I reach age 65 I will automatically be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. I don’t need a Power-of-Attorney because I put my daughter’s name on my accounts? I don’t need a Will because I don’t have much. I can gift up to $14,000 a year to each of my children and thereby protect this money from the nursing home and qualify for Medicaid when my funds run out. I can protect my money by adding my son’s name to my accounts. I’ll just transfer everything I have into my children’s…

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