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Rob Goldman Legal Solutions
Wills and estate planning for seniors and families

Peace of mind is just a phone call away


Legal Counseling & Strategic Planning: – Look before you leap!

•  Get a professional review of your concerns and goals
•  Assess the strengths and weakness of your position
•  Negotiating with a spouse, or anyone, can be daunting
• We figure out a strategic game plan and build confidence
• How well do you know the person you are thinking of doing or going into business with?
• We ask the right questions to help you make sure
• “I didn’t know what I was signing” is no excuse! See a lawyer first!
• If you think you’ve made a mistake or being misled, get legal advice promptly!

• Explore sensible, practical options so you can make informed decisions

Second Opinions

Caring, objective guidance from an experienced neutral lawyer may reduce risks and costs and give you Peace of Mind!

• We review and explain contracts & legal documents
• We offer communication and negotiation counseling
• We provide an objective, realistic assessment
• Perhaps there is another way
• Opinions based on clear facts, understanding of the
applicable law, and sound analysis are more likely to
be correct and persuasive
• In most court cases, one lawyer loses. Think about it.

No Conflict of Interest

• This is a consulting service. We don’t take over cases.
• We offer an objective perspective and guidance based on practical experience
• We empower you to make informed decisions with confidence.
• We enable you to communicate more effectively with your lawyer

Why People Really Need This Service

■ Litigation typically costs tens of thousands of dollars
■ Litigation is frequently used as an intimidation and control technique
■ “Discovery” is a frequently abused aspect of the litigation process
■ Lawyers have little incentive to narrow the scope of the litigation, be creative, work collaboratively, or reduce costs
■ Lawyers can use the rules of procedure as a pretext to generate fees
■ The lawyers get paid, win or lose
■ Properly used, discovery can produce the information necessary to negotiate a fair settlement and avoid a costly trial

A certified mediator and arbitrator, my purpose is to help you transform feelings and situations of conflict to Peace of Mind by reviewing your concerns, exploring options and possible solutions to achieve a favorable outcome. My conflict transformation training and negotiation experience can provide you with a helpful objective perspective and guidance to reduce tension and improve communication.

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