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Fee Policy

Fee Policy

NEW!  Experience the convenience of our Online Legal Services. Receive a 20% discount on your consultation and legal documents.  Credit & Debit cards accepted.  Communicate with us through your private client portal. Offer good through Sep 2018. (Scroll down for more information)

In most cases, I charge a flat fee so you know what to expect.  I understand money is tight and you don’t want to be surprised by additional fees or charges.  Try our Online Legal Services and receive a 20% discount on your consultation and Wills and estate planning legal documents.

Hourly billing provides little incentive to work efficiently and most of my clients feel more comfortable with a flat fee.  In cases where there is too much uncertainty, hourly billing is necessary and I keep you informed.

I want to treat all my clients fairly and, since every case is different, I consider the issues you want to address and the services you need to determine a fair, affordable fee.  The only way I can do this is to meet with you for a thorough “rights & options” consultation. This approach is fair to you and to me.

You want to choose the right lawyer for you, and I want a client who appreciates my experience, care and effort to provide a good experience and the results you expect.

My 30 years of practical experience helping client address their life challenges means you can count on my guidance and commitment to excellence.  While I try to keep my prices as low as possible, I do not try to compete with the cheapest lawyers in town.

Doing it the right way requires us to go through the necessary process. What may seem “simple” to you may involve legal, financial, and practical consequences that you don’t realize. If something is worth doing, it makes sense to do it right. I don’t cut corners.

For your convenience, we accept credit and debit card payments and, in appropriate cases, agree to payment plans.

To enjoy Online Legal Services, please use our Contact Form to request an appointment and let us know if you have a few preliminary questions. We can either call you back or respond by email as you prefer.  Prepay by credit or debit card to reserve your appointment time, and receive a 20% discount on your consultation and any Wills and other Estate Planning documents we prepare for you.   This is a limited time offer while we promote our internet legal services and is good through September, 2018.

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