Fee Policy

Our approach is to set a fair, affordable flat fee once we know what issues need to be addressed in your case. We understand money is tight and you don’t want to be surprised by additional fees or charges. Fees are based on a variety of factors, and are set to reflect fair value for the service we provide and the benefit you derive. Hourly billing provides little incentive to work efficiently and most of our clients feel more comfortable with a flat fee.  In most cases involving the preparation of documents, the consultation fee is credited towards the total cost of the services.

Choosing the right lawyer is important to you.  How does one know one is choosing the right lawyer?  You observe how the lawyer listens to your needs, analyses your situation, explains your rights & options, and helps you to make the right decision.

Choosing the right client is important to me.  I provide legal services to clients who appreciate my knowledge, experience and effort, and are willing to pay me a fair fee for my time and services.   If your priority in choosing a lawyer is based on price, then we are not for you.

The primary purpose of the “Rights & Options” consultation is for you to obtain a thorough, personalized, professional consultation.  You want to be able to leave the lawyer’s office with some Peace of Mind, real answers and a plan of action.

When you invest in a comprehensive consultation, you get what you paid for, whether or not you decide to retain me for further services.  The risk and benefit is no different when you consult with a doctor.  In most cases, the consultation fee is credited to the total fee.  This way, you receive the benefit of my review and analysis of your needs and I get paid a fair fee for such service.  If you decide to retain me, we enter into written engagement agreements in all cases to avoid any misunderstanding as to the services to be provided and the fees involved.

What may seem “simple” to you may involve legal, financial, and practical consequences that you don’t realize. If something is worth doing, it makes sense to do it right. For all these reasons, we don’t cut corners.  We do things the right way or not at all.

Doing it the right way requires us to go through the necessary process.   You may be the nicest person with the best of intentions, and we may have all the products and services you need, but if we don’t go through the process of understanding what you really need and you don’t understand what are the issues and potential consequences, how can you know that you are making the decision that is best for you?  And how can we know that we are giving you the best advice?

Excellence, friendly service, affordable prices and good value are the cornerstones of our success.

With over 29 years of experience, Rob Goldman specializes in bringing his clients ‘Peace of Mind’. We help you every step of the way! For your convenience, we accept credit and debit card payments and, in appropriate cases, agree to payment plans.

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