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Fee Policy

We accept most credit and debits cards. Payment plans available in appropriate cases.

Most people would like to know what the legal services will cost, – a fair question. In most cases, we charge a flat fee, determined after a comprehensive consultation.

Most lawyers, like doctors, need to know what is going on and determine what has to be addressed to be able to determine a fair fee. Every person’s situation is different.

The bottom line is that you, the client, and I, the attorney, need to go through a process. This process begins with a comprehensive legal consultation, which most people find very informative. If we can relate and feel comfortable with each other, we build trust.

Some people believe their needs are very simple. The reality is that, while you may be focused on a particular, simple need, the proper way to address that need may depend on many considerations, and often involves far more than one expects; – which is why you pay for a professional assessment of your situation. I look at the big picture, – and take care of the small details that matter.

If you don’t know what you don’t know, you cannot make informed decisions. An experienced attorney know which questions to ask, – and listens. If you believe you don’t need a professional assessment of your needs or legal advice, then you don’t need a lawyer.

I offer my clients insight based on over 34 years of practical experience helping ordinary working people just like you.

To enjoy Online Legal Services, please use our Contact Form to request an appointment and let us know if you have a few preliminary questions. We can either call you back or respond by email as you prefer.  Prepay by credit or debit card to reserve your appointment time, and receive a $25 discount on your consultation.    This is a limited time offer while we promote our internet legal services and is good through September, 2019. Clients enjoy their own private portal for direct communication by messaging and document download

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