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New divorce laws went into effect in Maryland effective October 1, 2015.   The 12 month waiting period before one may file for divorce has been eliminated for couples who do not have any minor children together and permits them to divorce with mutual consent.  The parties still need to address marital property, alimony and other  issues in a signed agreement and both parties are required to attend the divorce hearing in court.

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If your marriage is in trouble, do you think a legal separation, a Marital Separation & Property Settlement Agreement, an annulment or a divorce is the answer?  Is your priority to avoid alimony or child support, or would you like to try to solve problems you cannot solve without some help? Or, are you going to act more and more weirdly toward each other, avoid each other, start living separate lives, resort to threats and pressure, create more ill-feeling, pain and distrust, or have an affair ?  Really?

Relationships are complicated. Life’s challenges are complicated.  Raising children is complicated. Coping with stresses in the workplace, health issues, money issues are all challenging. Perhaps the problem is rooted in one or both of you being overwhelmed, poor communication, one partner being too controlling or one partner being too disinterested.

Perhaps you don’t want a divorce, perhaps the reasons you married each other are still feelings that are important to you but have gotten buried?  Perhaps you could both use a little help. Maybe a lot of help. You have to start somewhere. Interested in functional relationship counseling with a legal twist? I provide a caring, pragmatic, life and the law approach to help you rebuild those communication bridges and reconnect, … if you want to try.  This an alternative approach to the traditional marriage counseling and therapy sessions offered by psychologists and psychiatrists, based upon my 29 years of legal and personal experience.

If you are sure you want to move on, you would be wise to make sure you understand the legal and practical considerations before doing or saying anything stupid.  Step One: Don’t assume you know more than you really know.  Don’t think you can do some research on the internet and appreciate all the inter-connected areas of law, how it is interpreted, and the legal and practical effects of various choices and terminology that lawyers develop over many years of doing this stuff for a living.  Internet forms are designed by people who are looking to make easy money from people who want to believe everything is very simple and would rather do-it-themselves than invest money in themselves to do it right.  If you do it wrong or not the best way and have a problem down the road it could easily cost you ten to fifty times as much to try to fix the problem!    Don’t rely on the well-meaing advice of family and friends.   Step Two:  Make an appointment for a Rights & Options Consultation to get a professional review of your situation and some sound strategic planning advice that will help you move forward with confidence.

Whether you want to try to save the marriage or feel it is time to move on, your local Bel Air and Dundalk lawyer, Rob Goldman, can share his 29 years of creative problem solving experience to help you choose and implement the most effective approach.

Whatever you discuss with your lawyer is confidential.  If you want meaningful legal advice, you need to be open and honest with your attorney and not withhold material information.

I understand strained marriages often include money problems and mounting debt, and try to make our services as affordable as possible. We accept credit and debit card payments and work with you on payments.

Broken marriages bring tough times, emotionally and financially to spouses and the children. How are you going to move on? Are you going to be bitter and resentful, spiteful, or  seek revenge, or are you going to focus on what is best for you and your children and take positive steps to establish a peaceful, nurturing home?  Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to, someone to help you get past the anger and the hurt and focus on what is best for you and the children.  Don’t allow the hurt, the fear, the controlling behavior or threats of a spouse keep you locked up in a world of misery.

Unless you do something, nothing is likely to change.  Invest in a brighter future by taking the first step and making an appointment for a comprehensive “Rights & Options” consultation.  Empower yourself by obtaining the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions that will put you on the path to “Peace of Mind!”

Take the first step now and schedule a comprehensive “Rights & Options” consultation with a lawyer who cares. Rob Goldman is a local attorney with 29 years of experience, – someone you can lean on for sound, practical guidance. You can click on the Appointment Scheduler tab on the top of this page to make an appointment online, or use the Contact Us button below. “Peace of Mind” is just a phone-call or click away!

Rob Goldman, a trained domestic mediator, has been providing caring legal services to clients who live or work in Baltimore, Towson, Dundalk,  Parkville, Bel Air, Havre De Grace or North East, Maryland.  ROB GOLDMAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS is the law firm citizens of Harford and Baltimore County turn to dependable, affordable advice and Peace of Mind.

THINKING OF “GETTING BACK” AT YOUR SPOUSE? … WARNING!!! Sadly, there are many unscrupulous divorce lawyers who prey on people going through stressful times due to a broken marriage and hostility between the parties. Some even cause the hostility.  These lawyers have no compunction to rush their clients into litigation and spend tens of thousands of dollars, using the laws of procedure as a pretext for their claim that there is no other way.  Lawyers get paid win or lose.  If you want to be mean and nasty, or stubborn and foolish, and are willing to spend money to get your way, you’re the perfect client. More often than not, it will cost you way more than you anticipated and the outcome will often be far worse than you expected.  That is not to say that all litigation is avoidable. Sometimes, one does have to endure a rough and expensive ride.  The courts generally are ill-equipped to manage this abuse or to provide timely relief to many marital injustices.  You would be well-advised to consult with a collaborative-minded lawyer before embarking on the litigation roller-coaster.  If you are willing to be open-minded and realistic, and willing to seriously consider the advice of an experienced, neutral professional, a comprehensive legal Rights & Options Consultation can bring you much Peace of Mind and save you a ton of money in the long run. It will also help you decide which approach your want to pursue and who you wish to retain as your lawyer to wage that battle.

Want to know why one should seriously consider having a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?  Don’t you think a discussion with an experienced family law lawyer will help you understand the reasons for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement and whether one is right for you?  The process of discussing this issue alone will be highly education for both parties. You may actually learn a whole lot about each other, and yourselves!  If you are afraid to confront the feelings such a discussion may raise, what does that tell you about how you will deal with similar issues when they arise during the marriage?



If you are a young couple wanting to start a family, neither owns much, and you wish to build a life together, in most cases, a pre-nuptial agreement is not necessary.

When one party is substantially wealthier, no children are planned, or this would be a second or more marriage, or their are other important considerations and interests that warrant protection against marital property claims if the marriage doesn’t work out, it makes sense to talk with a professional.  The cost of obtaining what could be invaluable guidance to enable you to evaluate your risks, options and strategies to address these concerns in a pragmatic manner, is a smart investment in your financial security and peace of mind.

Don’t be fooled or mislead by notions of love, trust, caring and so forth.  The decision to marry has very substantial economic consequences.  Most people have no idea how much it costs to raise and educate a child.  Most people have no idea how their intended spouse manages money, makes important financial decisions, makes parenting decisions, manages their emotions when they don’t get their way or when they misunderstand a situation and become angry. Effective communication is essential, as is caring and sharing.

The reality is that people change. Goals change. Looks and outlooks change. Trust and loyalty can turn into mistrust and betrayal.  You can be doing everything right and it’s just not good enough.  In some cases, nothing is ever good enough.  The reasons unexpected or unforeseen changes occur are infinite. The reality is that change happens, often when you least expect it.

Why should someone become entitled to a windfall solely by reason of having married someone of substance? Why should “half” or more be fair just because one got married? There is a huge difference in sharing equally the fruits of what a couple contributed during their marital partnership, and being forced to share with a taker and user.   There are many different ways to contribute to a marriage partnership and understanding and agreeing upon certain matters is essential to avoiding unmet expectations borne of erroneous assumptions. Honest and open communication is critical.

Do you really know the person you are marrying?  Learning about how the person you love and want to marry thinks about how certain problems should be dealt with, how important issues should be decided, how the other person communicates, and so forth are essential to having a reasonable level of confidence that the marriage partnership will in fact be that, a partnership of love, trust, confidence, caring and effective communication.  People are complicated creatures. Marriage is a life-long challenge, and it can be with someone who you can talk with, discuss options, plan and make decisions together – with a feeling that you are a team, or it can some or none of the above.

Don’t you want to have a better understanding of the challenges, the risks, the pitfalls and the techniques to better equip you going forward?   The right adviser can be a cross between a mentor, a coach, a guidance counselor, a strategic planner, a marriage counselor, an investment counselor, an insurance counselor, and more?    If your intended spouse is not right for you, wouldn’t you rather find out now than after you’re married, have children, buy a house together and who knows what else you have committed yourself too?  For all these reasons, how can a reasonable person not want to at least invest in a thorough marriage partnership consultation?

The purpose of  pre-marital and pre-nuptial planning is to help you ensure that you are making the right decision, an informed decision, and not to sabotage your decision to marry the person you love or to sow seeds of distrust.  You want to be sure the person you are marrying is marrying you for the right reasons, that you are marrying that person for the right reasons, and that your goals and approach to reaching those goals are compatible. Many a person in love has ignored these words of wisdom and taken the plunge in reliance upon blind faith. Many of those foolish romantics are the people who live lives of misery, and spend a large portion of their resources on lawyers, therapists and doctors and hospitals.

Bear in mind, pre-nuptial agreement can be highly customized and creative to provide solutions for a variety of needs and concerns.  Do you really want to be with someone who  is reluctant, or refuses, to consider and validate your concerns?  If your wish to discuss these matters with a professional to enable you both to better understand whether a pre-nuptial agreement is appropriate and what it should say, is disparaged or ignored,  is that the person you want to enter into a life-partnership with? Really?   If you, or your intended spouse, are afraid to confront the feelings and issues such a discussion may raise, what does that tell you about how you will deal with similar issues when they arise during the marriage? The bottom line is that it doesn’t hurt to get some good professional guidance early and enable yourself to decide how best to move forward with confidence.



Many divorced and widowed individuals whose spouses managed the family’s finances suddenly find themselves overwhelmed and feeling helpless.  We want you to know that it really isn’t that hard!  If you are mentally competent, you are most probably quite capable of managing your finances with confidence. You just need someone to show you how.

Since managing your finances safely involves more than just learning how to operate a checkbook, we offer a clear, simple, step-by-step approach to learning the things you need to know to manage your finances with confidence. Learn how to avoid being taken advantage of by family members or predators. Avoid unnecessary risks caused by well-intentioned people with limited knowledge or awareness of these risks.

You will feel better about yourself when you feel you know what you are doing and don’t need to be reliant on others. So, take the first step. Invest in yourself and schedule a 90 minute “Financial Freedom Consultation.” Call Rob Goldman Legal Solutions today at 410-288-4060.

Decided it is time to move on? For helpful information on how to prepare yourself to move towards divorce please review our article on Divorce Preparation.

Our Family Law practice consists of pre-marriage planning such as preparing effective Pre-nuptial Agreements, Marital Separation & Property Settlement Agreements, strategic planning to facilitate effective negotiation with your spouse and reduce the risk of litigation and court, and assisting clients with Uncontested Divorces. We represent our clients at the Master’s Hearing in uncontested divorce cases, but do not represent clients in contested cases. The best way to minimize the risk of a case from becoming contested is to seek legal guidance early rather than ignore the problem or wait and react to what your spouse does. Please visit our Learning Center for additional helpful information.

Rob Goldman Legal Solutions can help you to bridge the communication gap in an objective, low-key environment that facilitates problem-solving and reduces confrontation.

A trained domestic mediator whose goal is to assist clients to move on with Peace of Mind, Rob Goldman and only takes clients who are willing to commit to make a good faith effort to reach a fair and sensible solution.

Our services include:

  • mediation
  • uncontested divorces
  • rights & options counseling
  • separation & property settlement agreements
  • separation & divorce strategic counseling
  • planning for post-death care & guardianship of minor children
  • name changes
  • Will and deed changes
  • pre-nuptial agreement

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