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Separation or Divorce: Benefits of Exploring Alternatives Before Taking Legal Action

When you’re angry, frustrated, afraid, had enough, it’s normal to feel it is time to move on,- time to get a separation or a divorce.

Reaching the point where you feel you need to stand up for yourself, and your children, is an important milestone. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sure it has to be that way.

When you’re emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed, feeling vulnerable and angry, it is difficult to think clearly and to believe that there is any point trying again.

Pause & Reflect. Give yourself a break and take some time to think quietly. Think about what brought you together and what caused the rift to grow to this point. Chances are there were many opportunities for both of you to speak up rather than remain silent and brood, to handle situations differently, more calmly, and to really listen to each other.

Role Models. Children suffer long-lasting effects of parental fighting and meanness, and what they hear and see often shapes their behavior, consciously and unconsciously, as they get older. Imagine how meaningful it could be to your children to see their parents make a good faith effort to listen to each other and reach a sensible resolution to the issues that drove them apart.

Getting the Right Help. When something is important to you, never give up without exploring every reasonable option. Smart people know when it is time to seek professional help and get an objective perspective from someone with real life experience and insight.

=> Running to lawyers to assert your legal rights tends to escalate the likelihood of confrontation and suck you into stress, very costly litigation, is which the court ultimately will decide the outcome. Sadly, some litigation lawyers view family conflict as an opportunity to generate large fees, and this conflict of interest may have the effect of you being discouraged from exploring settlement opportunities.

=> Choosing the right approach and the right person for legal and practical guidance is critical. Rather than rushing into legal proceedings, the implications of which you don’t really understand, take some time to reflect and make a decision you can feel good about; – that will enable you to believe you did your best and, hopefully, that lead to a better outcome.

=> If you’re looking for the best family conflict resolution specialist near you, Rob Goldman is a caring attorney, with over 34 years of experience, with offices in Baltimore County and City, and Harford County, Maryland, Rob Goldman is trained in domestic mediation and in transformative conflict mediation, counseling and negotiation.

Invest in What’s Important. Most people going through a relationship crisis that is on the brink of separation or divorce, are experiencing financial stress. There is a lot at stake. Quality professional experience and guidance, although not inexpensive, provides a substantially less expensive option than litigation, and provides a real opportunity to build a communication bridge and move the parties from confrontation to joint problem-solving, leading to better outcomes for everyone concerned. Can you really afford not to make this investment?

13 Reasons Why a Transformative Approach to Address Conflict is Simply Better:

 it is less stressful
 it is cathartic; – helps you vent your feelings
 it helps you think more clearly
 it broadens your perspective
 it helps the parties shift from confrontation to joint problem-solving
 it helps you better understand yourself and your partner
 it opens more possibilities
 it results in better outcomes
 the children, who often are the pawn or victims of parental discord, benefit
 it promotes better mental and physical health
 it provides a sensible, cost-effective alternative to running to lawyers and the courts
 you have more of a say in the outcome
 a better process is more satisfying