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Dispute Resolution & Relationship Management

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Better Relationships => Better Contracts => More Effective Dispute Resolution


Unresolved conflict causes anger, frustration, resentment, insecurity, stress and anxiety. At times like these, one’s brain is often hijacked by negative emotions, making it difficult to think clearly, leading to hurtful words and behavior that makes matters worse.

If you want to avoid costly litigation and a decision by the court that neither party may want, you need a fresh, objective perspective and realistic, practical guidance to help you address the causes of the conflict before it escalates to legal action.

We focus on helping individuals, families and small business owners settle disputes and resolve conflict in the following areas:

● Contract Negotiation
● Contract Default
● Real Estate
● Relationship Challenges
● Validity of Wills
● Inheritance
● Probate
● Adult guardianship
● Elder Care; Care-Providers
● Child & Adult Custody
● Financial Management

Your Needs and Concerns; – We help you to

✓ defuse tension
✓ settle a dispute without going to court
✓ prevent a dispute from escalating
✓ work with difficult people
✓ open your mind to other points of view
✓ improve communication and understanding
✓ facilitate collaboration
✓ achieve better outcomes
✓ preserve valued relationships

We shift the focus to attacking the problem rather than the people, consider what’s really important, look for common ground to facilitate collaborative problem solving, and  strive for a sensible solution that works for everyone.

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Our alternative approaches to settling disputes include legal and relationship counseling, coaching, negotiation assistance, and facilitative or transformative mediation. We help you determine which approach best fits your needs.

When relationships are strained, valuable opportunities may be lost, with far-reaching economic, career, and personal consequences often not realized in the moment. Valued relationships may be irreparably damaged. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

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