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Probate FAQ

What is Probate?
How do I create an Estate?
In which county or state should the estate be probated?
What is an Ancillary Estate?
How do I find out if the Decedent made a will?
How does someone become Personal Representative in the will?
Do I need a lawyer to probate an estate?
What's the difference in being Power of Attorney, Executor or Personal Representative?
Is Probate necessary if a person dies without a will?
As Power-of-Attorney, can I use the decedent's funds to pay his bills?
If my name is on the decedent's account, should I pay the bills?
Who is responsible for paying the funeral bill?
When can the Personal Representative distribute the Estate assets?
Can a disinherited spouse or child contest the will?
How long does it take to administer or probate an estate?
Does Maryland recognize common-law marriages?
Is a Will valid if the author was mentally incompetent or didn't know what they were signing?
What are Caveat Proceedings?
How is a bankruptcy case affected by the death of the debtor?
What is the Spousal Elective Share?

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