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Do I need to sign over my house and savings to pay for the nursing home cost of care?

Do not listen to what the nursing home office tells you! In many cases, the family home is or can be protected. Experience has shown that nursing home business office managers and Medicaid assistants do not understand key aspects of the Medicaid laws.  You could end up paying a whole lot of money to the nursing home that you didn’t need to!

Whether the issue is keeping your home or your savings, the Medicaid laws a re complicated and different rules apply depending on the facts and circumstances.

The most important first step is to consult with an elder law attorney, who can evaluate your case and explain your rights and options.

Retain an experienced Elder Law Lawyer to represent your interests. The nursing home only cares about what is good for the nursing home.

When you have the information you need to understand your Rights & Options, you will be able to make sound decisions. See the next question regarding asset protection planning.

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