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What is Elder Abuse?

What is elder abuse?

Unfortunately, more and more people are taking advantage of the elderly. The abuse can be in the form of neglect, physical or psychological mistreatment. Financial abuse by family members and friends seeking to secure a personal advantage under the guise of concern and caring is an insidious abuse of the confidential and trusting relationship they have with the senior citizen. Transfers of assets or changes of beneficiary provisions may result in hardship and serious problems for the senior and cause bitter quarrels and tear apart families and friendships.

Timely and effective planning with the assistance of an elder law attorney can significantly reduce the potential for such abuse. Legal remedies exist through the courts against people who take advantage of the frail and elderly through use of coercion or manipulation, particularly where the senior’s memory or ability make rational decisions without undue influence is in question. Whenever there is reason to believe elder abuse is occurring, it is important to seek legal assistance promptly.

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