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Are you prepared for the unexpected? Wills and Powers of Attorney documents are critical, especially for Seniors and care-providers. CALL 410-288-4060 to schedule an appointment.

Smart crisis planning means having well-thought out legal documents and an an action plan in place so someone you trust will be able to pay your bills, manage your legal and other affairs and make health care decisions for you when you’re not able to.

Want to make a Will?  Need to get your legal affairs in order?  Even basic estate planning can protect you and your family’s financial security.  Wills only apply after you die.  If want to choose someone you trust to pay your bills and make decisions for you when you cannot, you need Powers of Attorney.  Wills planning with children needs special care. Why risk it all gambling on bad things not happening to you?

Looking for the Best Wills and Estate Planning Lawyer in Maryland?  Rob Goldman is a knowledgeable local Wills and Estate Planning lawyer with offices near you, with over 34 years of experience.  For the legal guidance you need and high quality, personalized documents you can depend on, Call me at 410-288-4060 today to schedule an appointment.

Convenient locations: – We are a local law firm. Our Dundalk office serves the greater Dundalk area, Edgewood, Middle River, Eastpoint and Essex. Our Bel Air office serves the greater Bel Air area, including Abingdon, Forest Hill, Churchville, Fallston, Aberdeen, Havre de Grace and Elkton. Home, Hospital and Nursing Home visits are available.

Estate planning with Wills is more than deciding how to protect your property and who gets it when you die. Even if you don’t have much, estate planning is about taking care of your and your family’s needs the best way you can and avoiding things being even worse if a crisis occurs. To better understand how relations affect decisions when making a Will and estate planning generally, and for helpful guidance, read my blog: How Relationships Problems Affect Estate Planning.

Seniors and children concerned about their aging parents who want estate planning that focuses on the needs of the elderly, should visit my Elder Law page and review blogs (under “Articles”)  that provide helpful information.  I specialize in bringing Peace of Minds to Seniors, and to those who love them!  Call me at 410-288-4060 today to schedule an appointment.

Showing you care builds trust and reduces stress.  Planning for serious illness, disability and death will give someone you trust the needed authority to take care of you and make important decisions without having to run to lawyers and the court in a crisis and spend a lot more money.

Reasons to get your Will and Estate Planning affairs in order typically include:

  • What if both parents die unexpectedly leaving minor children?
  • Declining health or a serious medical condition: Who will pay the bills and make decisions?
  • Nursing home and assisted living is very expensive. Plan early to have more options.
  • Relationship problems; How to protect oneself
  • Plan for the unexpected. Protect your home and savings.  Options and strategies
  • Divorce or separation: Find out what you need to know and plan to protect yourself
  • Death of a family member: Take control of your life and finances
  • Serious financial problems; Need help managing money; Avoid bankruptcy
  • Protect your home, your Peace of Mind. Get a Reality Check.  Find out what you should do

Typical basic estate planning documents include a Will, Durable General/Financial Power of Attorney, and Advance Directives (Medical Power of Attorney and a Living Will) . If you want to decide who should have access to your medical and financial information, inherit your property, manage your affairs and make decisions for you when you’re not able to, you need these documents. A review of Rob Goldman’s Preliminary Estate Planning Questionnaire will help you decide.

If you want to ensure the people you trust are appointed to serves as guardians of your minor children and manage your money for them as you wish, you need more than a basic Will, – you need trust provisions.  Call me at 410-288-4060 today to schedule an appointment.

I am a Wills and Estate planning attorney with over 35 years of experience, with law offices in Bel Air and in Baltimore (Dundalk and Downtown).  I enjoy listening to my clients, sharing experiences, and making the estate planning process a comfortable, educational experience.   I ask the right questions and enable you to make informed decisions. Then I can prepare personalized legal documents that work for you when you need them to.

I don’t try to sell you anything, – just help you get what you need, at an affordable price.

Wills & Estate Planning to Protect Inheritances.  For a quick, clear review of what you need to know about inheritance tax law, read our blogs: Inheritance as a Source of Family Conflict and Liability for Inheritance Taxes in Maryland

Wills & Estate Planning to Avoid Probate.

Protecting Home and Savings Against Claims of Creditors.  You want your Will to make your wishes clear, but you also want to clearly understand how planning with Wills affect probate and non-probate inheritance law.

The best way to protect your property from creditors is to hire a knowledgeable Wills lawyer to explain how to keep as much as possible out of your probate estate.  If you don’t do this the right way, you could lose control over your property and even lose your property while you are alive and need it for yourself.  When you die, creditors can file claims against your probate estate to get paid. Sometimes, claims are fraudulent.  Call me at 410-288-4060 today to schedule an appointment.

If you wish to reduce probate expenses and protect property from the claims of creditors, you need to plan to achieve this, – see our article: Risks to Consider in Trying to Avoid Probate. We specialize in probating estates as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, it is wise also to make a deed change for your real property.

Real property is better protected by Deed changes rather than leaving a house to your children in your Will. Legal guidance is best from an estate planning lawyer rather than a real estate lawyer because you are not simply adding or changing a name, – you are making a decision regarding how and to whom that property will be controlled during your lifetime and distributed after your death. This may involve several other areas of law, including marriage law and tax law, and there may be other possible legal consequences you may not be aware of. For more information, please review our article titled: “10 Reasons For a Deed Change”  Call me at 410-288-4060 today to schedule an appointment.

As a practical matter, most legal issues that impact your finances and property one way or another should be considered in the context of estate planning and asset protection. Our articles and FAQs in our other practice areas may also be helpful in this regard. Please visit our Learning Center for additional information.