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Rob Goldman is your “go to” Maryland Elder Law attorney for a shoulder to lean on, clear explanations, and legal advice you can count on.  A knowledgeable, compassionate estate planning lawyer for Seniors and frail elderly, with over 30 years of practical experience, Rob Goldman can bring you for Peace of Mind.

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Concerned about maintaining your independence?  Caring for an elderly or frail parent? Worrying about how to pay nursing home costs? Asset protection, quality of life, Peace of Mind, … requires a little planning to get one’s affairs in order, … before its too late. 

Taking care of an elderly parent can be exhausting and overwhelming without a functional support system.  Siblings and children often are pre-occupied with their own lives. Relationship tensions and differences of opinions and involvement can create tremendous stress.  Professional guidance as early as possible in the process can go along way to resolving these concerns.  You may be surprised as to what can be accomplished if handled the right way!


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What is Elder Law? Elder Law is an integrative approach to providing estate planning and other legal services to seniors to improve their quality of life and provide Peace of Mind.

A caring Elder Law attorney can relate to the needs of the elderly for care, support, guidance and protection at a time they feel most vulnerable and concerned about maintaining their dignity and independence.

Many areas of law have to be considered and keeping up with changes in the law and the many court decisions is essential  to ensure effective estate planning for seniors.

The safety and welfare of elderly clients is a top priority.  So too is protection against financial and physical abuse, providing assistance to facilitate an appropriate home environment, supervision, addressing socialization and avoiding isolation and depression through a strong support system, and access to doctors and care services.  Experience matters.  For a quick review of what you need to know about inheritance planning, read our blog: Inheritance as a Source of Family Conflict

Powers of attorney, guardianship and personal care contracts can be critical documents for basic and advance assistance to seniors who are no longer able to properly manage their affairs alone, and to timely plan to transition to a more appropriate living arrangement and begin asset protection planning.

Our Elder Law FAQ page covers the essential basic estate planning considerations and documents every senior citizen ought to have, and provides a concise overview of guardianship, nursing home, medicaid, and asset protection planning in an easy to read format. Our Estate Planning Page provides additional helpful information.

Although most of us do not know when a serious disability will occur, we know that almost everyone will experience some form of disability at some time, such as from an automobile accident, or a fall or an illness. If the disability results in mental or physical incapacity, you will not be able to manage your own affairs.

Who do you want to make decisions regarding your health and your business affairs? Don’t you want to be the one to decide who has this power and what they may and may not do? If you do not act, the decision may have to be made by a court, and the Court may appoint someone other than whom you would have chosen.

You can eliminate or reduce much of the stress that a crisis produces by being prepared. Preparation allows others to know and implement your wishes more effectively, and avoids stress and squabbling among those who want to help.


Many divorced and widowed individuals whose spouses managed the family’s finances suddenly find themselves overwhelmed and feeling helpless.  We want you to know that it really isn’t that hard!  If you are mentally competent, you are most probably quite capable of managing your finances with confidence. You just need someone to show you how.

Since managing your finances safely involves more than just learning how to operate a checkbook, we offer a clear, simple, step-by-step approach to learning the things you need to know to manage your finances with confidence. Learn how to avoid being taken advantage of by family members or predators. Avoid unnecessary risks caused by well-intentioned people with limited knowledge or awareness of these risks.

You will feel better about yourself when you feel you know what you are doing and don’t need to be reliant on others. So, take the first step. Invest in yourself and schedule a 90 minute “Financial Freedom Consultation.” Call Rob Goldman Legal Solutions today at 410-288-4060.

Guardianship Services – Rob Goldman is a guardianship lawyer providing services in the Dundalk, Essex, White Marsh, Parkton, Bel Air, Baltimore, Canton, and Towson areas. Services include exploring alternatives to guardianship, mediation among family members to reach consensus as to a care plan approach, and contested guardianship.

Rob Goldman is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and is committed to assisting the elderly and the indigent to receive effective legal services.

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