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What debt can be discharged if I file Chapter 7 Bankrupty?

Generally, all unsecured debt can be wiped out (discharged) in Chapter 7. Debts that may not be discharged include most taxes; debts obtained through false pretense, fraud, embezzlement, or theft; debts for luxury goods or services obtained within 90 days of the filing or cash advances obtained within 90 days of the filing under a consumer credit arrangement; debts not listed in the petition; child support and alimony; marital settlement agreement obligations, debts based upon willful or malicious injury to personal property of another; fines or penalties owed to the government; student loans; debts based upon death or injury arising from debtor’s intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle, and debts incurred to pay otherwise non-dischargeable taxes. The issue of dischargeability can be a complex one, and there are other variables and limitations beyond the exceptions described which should be discussed with your lawyer.

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